5 Timeless Style Lessons I Learned from the #10yearchallenge

If there’s anything we learned from the viral #10yearchallenge that recently took over our social networking feeds, it’s that a lot can change in 10 years… but a lot can stay the same.

Inspired by everyone in my Instagram feed — celebs, brands, besties — I started to wonder what my profile pic from 10 years ago would look like: Had I started using retinol early enough, or had I aged like a raisin? Would I be ashamed of my sartorial selections? As my Juicy Couture phase flashed before my eyes, I braced myself for a lot of pink Ugg boots and velour tracksuits before realizing those skeletons would stay buried in high school albums. #Blessed.

So when I started stalking old Facebook pics to compare my 2008 persona to the more modern me, I was actually — shockingly — pretty impressed with myself. Sure, there were some fairly questionable fashion choices I wouldn’t make today (read: lots of short-shorts-plus-heels looks that didn’t make it into this post). But overall? Looking back a decade gave me insight into not just the bad and the ugly, but the actually quite good. Ahead, five major takeaways from my cool, confident (and dare I say stylish?) 21-year-old self.