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Q&A with girlboss Kelsey Haywood Lucas of Girls’ Life

At Blume, we're all about impacting the lives of young girls in a positive way and spotlighting exceptional young women. And that's what Kelsey Haywood Lucas spends most of her time doing. In this candid Q&A, Kelsey shares how her struggles with severe menstrual pain and a chronic bladder condition as a young woman helped her cultivate body confidence and develop a deeper understanding of what self-care really means.”


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What To Wear To An Interview: Advice From 3 Women Leaders

Boss ladies Arianna Huffington (co-founder of The Huffington Post and chief executive of wellness company Thrive Global), Kelsey Haywood Lucas (content and marketing director at Girls’ Life, the renowned magazine for teen girls), and Nicolette Amarillas (founder of Expansive Voice’s Professional Women series) sat down with HealthyWay to share pointers on nailing your job interview and tips on picking just the right outfit for the big day.


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Take Back PMS With These 7 Period-Pampering Tips

“Menstruation is an incredible opportunity to get in touch with our bodies and our well-being,” shares Kelsey Haywood Lucas, a beauty and wellness editor who writes about period empowerment. If you’re constantly caught up in your crazy-busy life, what better time to pause and check in with yourself than when you’re on your period? “Creating a routine is essential,” shares Haywood Lucas. “For me, it’s all about pampering: drawing a bath, massaging my stomach with oil, putting on a really comfortable robe, watching a movie with my phone far away so I’m not checking work emails, going to bed early. For others, it might mean cooking a really nutritious meal or whipping up a batch of dark chocolate brownies that’ll totally satisfy a craving.”